Projection in Relationships: How to use it for greater self awareness

Projection in relationships is pretty much inevitable. It’s a blind spot that keeps us from growing. But we can start leveraging projection for greater self-awareness if we start asking ourselves “am I talking about myself?” Here I share with you how you can take judgment of others and turn it into a breakthrough of self-reflection and greater consciousness in relationships.

Projection in Relationships: Stop it from ruining your connection
Projection is the single most derailing and destructive phenomenon in intimate relationships. Its power lies in our inability to see it. Because it is a subconscious defense mechanism, we are most often blind to our own projections.
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The clue to them lies in something known as projection – a psychological … If we cannot always be entirely sane in our relationships, the kindest thing we can do …
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Oct 1, 2015 – In fact, we can say with certainty that projection is the central energy drain in entangled relationships. When two people are unconsciously playing out old wounds with each other, they create a situation fraught with blame and discord – the opposite of a harmonious relationship.
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Relationships, Self Improvement & Personal Growth · crazy-making, … All of us have projected our own thoughts, feelings, motivations and …
How Projection In Relationships Affects Us

Knowing that projection in relationships is just a part of being with other people we can do a better job in making those relationships positive and rewarding.
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We’ll start with projection. Projection is just what it sounds like. Imagine the old design of the movie projector in which the film was passed over …
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Psychological projection can be very damaging to a relationship, especially if both people in the relationship are projecting onto each other, …
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Nov 4, 2015 – This is especially the case when the Projection then becomes … done to that person’s relationships, self-confidence and sense of well-being.
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Psychological projection is something that we all do which causes us to … All normal people functioning in relationships feel attracted to other people at one …