Snuggle through the Struggle Relationship Empowerment Pt 1 – Blended Families (Preview)

Recently, Jared’s youngest daughter’s mother decided to leave a very ignorant comment on our YouTube page. Her comment basically said we aren’t involved in her life. She went on to say that we should not be giving relationship advice. She also disagrees with my position on not dealing with “babymothers” or ex’s. However, her unnecessary rant is the major reason why I don’t deal with her.

In the past, Jared’s” babymother” has threatened me on several occasions. What did I do in her eyes to warrant this aggression? I added beads to my step-daughter’s hair and asked her directly if there was anything special I could get “our” daughter for Christmas.

After we returned her back to her mother one Christmas a few years ago, which is a 4 hours drive, she attacked me unexpectedly. Reflecting on the incident now, I felt like she knew exactly what she was doing. Keep in mind, we hadn’t seen the child for a year prior to this incident due to her mother’s aggressive nature. When we arrived, she had jeans and a t-shirt on, hair pulled back with an attitude!

To go into details, she opened the door and pulled me from the car as Jared started to drive off. After she forced me from the car, she attacked me as her sister later helped. After Jared parked the car, he was able to get her and her sister off of me but not before she gave me a vicious kick to the head. All of this was done right in front of the child! She stood their on the porch crying! That image of this sweet little baby, crying her eyes out, is one I will never forget.

For this reason, this is why rule #17 of “Young, Black, & Married: How to Snuggle through the Struggle” is to allow your partner to deal with their child’s mother/father. Focus on your relationship with the step-child, not the step-parent.

She also mentioned in her comment that we haven’t seen the child, this is why. Her behavior is why Jared does not attempt to contact her, for the sake of his daughter’s sanity and my safety! My intentions with this post was to explain the comment, as some of you may have seen it before we deleted it.

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