this couple gave me relationship advice and it was awkward

hey guys, I spontaneously decided to do this video because I thought it could be interesting & helpful for anybody. Also, to be honest I’m not THAT desperate to be in a relationship. I was just hanging out with a couple that day and I thought it would be fun. To all single people: Don’t ever doubt yourself or make yourself feel bad for being single. I know this may sound VERY cheesy, but sometimes you need to love yourself in order for you to love someone else(or something like that). ALSO I’m going to try really hard this year to post a video at least once a week. So please subscribe to see better content. I’ll try not to disappoint. 🙂

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music used in the video
Joakim Karud – Love Mode (background music)


TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing (intro song)(also in the outro)